Computer Games Are Here to Stay – How to Write Articles on Computer Gaming Remoteconnect Minecraft PS4

Indeed, I guess you don’t need me to tell you that computer games are here to stay. In fact, it’s not just for kids anymore, many adults and some baby boomers are actually playing computer games. Why you ask; simple, because they’ve become so real. So real in fact, that many educators and high-tech educational consultants are recommending that we teach kids in virtual reality. In many schools they already have the kids pick an avatar to work with as a teacher’s assistant. aka ms

Since, both the demographic and the number of users is expanding at such a high rate of speed there is a gap between the amount of information out there on computer gaming, and what’s needed. Many of the younger folks that write articles on computer games, have a hard time relating that content with the baby boomer generation is also playing the same game.

And most of the computer gaming writers, have been writing to the kids in their teens and 20s, and they have not been writing about the educational aspect of computer games, and simulator training; which is much more technical in nature. Of course, all this adds opportunity for the online article writer.

Would like to write on this subject? Over the last three years, I’ve written over 65 articles on this topic, and I’m amazed at how many people are reading my articles, and e-mailing me to ask me questions. In fact, I’ve even been invited and I have joined high-tech educational consulting groups online. There are entire blogging networks of professional educators talking about this stuff.

If you’d like to write articles on this topic, first, you have to decide who your audience is, and what sub-category of “computer gaming” that you’d like to write about. Remember there is an industry that sells computer games; with companies that do billions of dollars in sales per year. There are the designers of video games and animators who make a living producing the content. There are the gamers, many of which are addicted to playing the games, and then there are all the new things that I discussed. Remoteconnect Minecraft PS4

Needless to say there’s more than enough to write about if you are considering preparing articles on computer gaming for magazines, or online media. Please consider all this.